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Children’s Memorial Reading

A memorial headstone for your child can be an enduring tribute and symbol of your remembrance. This can be an extremely important focal point for you and your family when dealing with your grief. Choosing a fitting children’s memorial is the most difficult of tasks, but can also be a very important step forwards. Many families are very comforted to find that there is now a very wide range of options available for children’s memorials, allowing them to choose something that represents their child’s personality, loves and interests. For example, the choices available can include shapes such as teddy bears or cartoon characters. Standard-shaped memorials can often also be personalised with images of cherubs, traditional toys or different sports. The wording and inscription on a children’s memorial can also be personalised to include a quote, message or verse of scripture, meaning you can choose something that is unique and has enduring meaning to you, your child and your family. By being able to choose from options such as these, families will find that their children’s memorial is a unique and fitting tribute to their child. This can help make your child’s memorial a positive place to go and remember them.

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Bespoke Memorial Reading

When choosing a memorial for a loved one, you may feel that the range of standard options doesn’t offer the level of personalisation or uniqueness you are hoping for. In cases such as this, a bespoke memorial may be the solution that you’re looking for. A bespoke memorial will allow you to have control over all aspects of the design, material and finish, ensuring that the finished result is a perfect lasting tribute to your loved one. Be sure you choose a monumental mason or memorial artist who is skilled and experienced in producing bespoke memorials, as they will be able to work with you to bring your vision into reality, and produce your bespoke memorial to the highest possible standards and finish. For example, if you have an image that you would like to include on a headstone, a memorial artist can produce this. It could be anything from a picture of your loved one, an image of their favourite pet or hobby, the logo of their football club, and much more. Having this unique image will mean you know your loved one’s bespoke memorial is unique to them and a perfect tribute to the life they lived. You may also be able to choose a unique shape or outline for a bespoke memorial, which will be carved according to your wishes. Whatever your vision, a bespoke memorial will certainly offer you and your family an even more personalised and fitting tribute to your loved one.

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Memorial Bracknell

Choosing and purchasing memorials for loved ones is such an important decision that it is often not suited to internet shopping. Instead, memorials are best chosen after a great deal of thought about how you want to remember a much loved family member or friend, and consideration of the different options that are available. That’s why it is always a good idea to speak directly to a monumental mason or memorial supplier. They will use their skills and experience in this field to help you understand the choices that are available for you to make when choosing a memorial, and to find the most appropriate design, material and finish that will provide the most fitting tribute to your loved one. Memorials are traditionally carved in stone, slate, granite or marble. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the traditional tablet shape to more modern ideas such as heart-shaped or open book-shaped stones, and even bespoke shapes that are designed by you in conjunction with your monumental mason. Memorials can contain both lettering and imagery, which will be hand carved and finished to the standards you require. A memorial mason will be able to guide you through this process of choosing a memorial that both provides a lasting and fitting tribute to your loved one, and also satisfies any requirements set out by the burial authorities in the place where your memorial is going to be placed. They can even take care of the process of applying for permission for memorials to be erected, then ensuring that this work is carried out with the proper expertise and care.

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Headstone Bracknell

Headstones are erected to mark graves in both cemeteries and churchyards, and in other non-traditional burial sites. Because a headstone provides a lasting tribute to a family member or loved one, it’s important that it is a monument that will last. That means it should be made of a material that will withstand changing weather conditions over many years, will take a lasting carved inscription of lettering and maybe images, and can be shaped and ornamented appropriately. Time has shown that the most appropriate material that meets these criteria is stone, which is why the headstones you see will commonly be made from granite, marble, slate or another natural stone. Different types of stone offer different qualities in a headstone. Granite can produce a very hard-wearing headstone, as it will stand up well to extreme weather conditions. It can be polished to a shiny finish and is very attractive, coming in various different colours. Meanwhile, marble is a very good material for carving, so a headstone made of marble may be able to be carved into more elaborate patterns. The downside of this is that a headstone made of marble may weather and deteriorate over the years, although it will still last for a good number of decades. In many rural areas, slate is a popular option for headstones, as it matches the natural stone of that area and is also a hard-wearing material. Slate is also a good option for a headstone or other memorial that will sit in a garden or forest because it has a more rustic appearance.

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Gravestone Bracknell

When choosing a gravestone to commemorate a departed family member or loved one, it’s important you use a memorial mason in whom you have complete confidence to deliver a fitting tribute. There are many different ways to find a memorial mason when you’re arranging for a gravestone to be produced and erected. One good way is to ask family or friends for recommendations. Another way is to look for local masons who specialise in gravestones or memorial masonry in your local telephone directory or by searching on the internet. You should ask whether the mason you engage to produce your gravestone is a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons and ensure that they are covered by public liability insurance and employee liability insurance. That means that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you will have official avenues for resolving any problems that arise with your gravestone. A memorial mason will be able to show you the different types of stone and granite that are available for your gravestone, as well as telling you whether your preferred stone is suitable for your preferred design and the area in which it will be erected. They will be able to show you how factors such as weather, pollution and the surrounding environment will have an effect on the gravestone material of your choice.

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Children’s Memorial Bracknell

When choosing a memorial for a child, it’s vital you have the support of a monumental mason who will be sensitive and sympathetic to your situation, and will be able to guide you through the process in a gentle manner. They should help you create the perfect memorial to commemorate a young life, which combines the finest craftsmanship, highest quality materials and most careful design. There are many different options available for children’s memorials, including a variety shapes, sizes and designs that are intended specifically as children’s memorials. This means you could choose a teddy bear shape, a favourite character from a cartoon, a much-loved toy or a sport as the basis of the memorial design. Alternatively, if you have a specific shape or design in mind, you could find out about options for bespoke children’s memorials, in order to have a unique tribute. Further options that may be available for children’s memorials include the ability to choose blue or pink lettering as appropriate for the inscription. Of course, your monumental mason will help you through the whole process, from picking a headstone and design, to choosing the writing and any inscription that will appear on the memorial, through to producing the children’s memorial and arranging for it to be erected in the burial ground.

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Bespoke Memorial Bracknell

Through the years, memorial designs have changed, meaning you now have a range of traditional and modern options to consider when choosing a memorial or headstone. However, if you have an idea in mind for a memorial but can’t find it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is no longer made or not permitted. It may mean that the best option for you is a bespoke memorial, which can be made to your own design and be unique to your memories of your loved one. Any memorial to a family member or friend is a very personal item, so it stands to reason that they should be treated individually. Having a bespoke memorial can be the perfect way to commemorate and remember that person in exactly the way you want. For example, you could include favourite flowers, religious figures, military or professional badges, illustrations of hobbies, sporting scenes or animals in your chosen bespoke memorial. Alternatively, if you really want a unique bespoke memorial, you could commission something even more special and individual, such as a sandblast or painted design, a light carving, a bespoke shape or a detailed three-dimensional carving. If you find a memorial that is no longer in production, you could also have that created as a bespoke memorial. Many monumental masons will be able to work from a picture or photograph in order to be able to produce your bespoke memorial to exactly the specifications you envisage.

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Memorial Basingstoke

Be it traditional, modern, ornate or understated, it’s important that all memorials provide an appropriate and fitting tribute to the person they are honouring. Using an expert monumental mason will mean that you can turn your vision into a reality, whether you already have a clear idea of the memorial you would like, or you would prefer to be advised on the materials, designs and inscription options that are available. Ultimately, it is likely that you will have many questions about the process of commissioning, ordering and erecting memorials, and your monumental mason will be able to guide you through the whole process. Memorials are typically erected at least six months after a burial. This is to allow time for the ground to settle, and also to allow you plenty of time to make the right decisions about what will be a lasting commemoration of your loved one. This means you don’t need to rush the process of choosing your preferred option from the range of choices of memorials that are available, and can take time to discuss it with family and friends. You will also be able to have a good idea of how your memorial will look before you give the final go-ahead to your stone mason. It’s normal practice for you to receive a scale drawing of the headstone which shows how the inscription and any other design features of the memorial will look. From this you can be sure that what you have chosen and described is what the finished result will look like, giving you peace of mind whenever you’re choosing memorials for loved ones.

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Headstone Basingstoke

There are many different things to consider when choosing a headstone, but the inscription is perhaps the most important part. This is your personal tribute to a loved one which will tell future generations about the person the headstone lovingly commemorates. Therefore it’s vital that you choose the words carefully and with a great deal of thought. Normally, the name of the person will be inscribed on the headstone in the largest letters, with the dates of their life below in a smaller but proportionate size. The rest of the text for the headstone is probably the most difficult to choose, as you will want it to sum up the character, interests, hobbies or work of the person you are remembering. Careful thought about this aspect of the headstone text is very important, and you may wish to discuss this with relatives and friends to gain a wider picture of how your loved one will be remembered by those closest to them. Some people choose a verse of scripture or a motto, while others prefer a short description the person, perhaps describing their personal qualities or family roles. The inscription you choose for the headstone will complete the memorial, and you can ensure its appearance is as attractive as possible by taking advice from your monumental mason on the best style of lettering and finish. This will ensure the appearance of the inscription blends well with the shape, style and material of the headstone.

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Gravestone Basingstoke

Gravestones are an instantly recognisable feature of many churchyards, cemeteries and other burial grounds. However, what many people don’t know, is that the upkeep and maintenance of gravestones themselves is the responsibility of the person who commissioned them, and not the burial authorities themselves. That’s why, whenever you choose and commission a gravestone for a loved one, you need to consider how it will be maintained over time. This could have a bearing on the material you choose for the gravestone, as certain types of stone will stand up to the weather, and therefore be longer-lasting, than others. You should also plan to check the gravestone regularly. If it isn’t practical for you to do this yourself, you could ask a friend or relative nearby to check on the gravestone from time to time. Another option you may wish to consider for any gravestone you commission is memorial insurance. This can cover your memorial against damage caused by vehicles, motor mowers, falling tree branches, vandalism and ground subsidence. However, it will not normally cover normal wear and tear caused to the gravestone by the weather. As you will already know, a gravestone can represent significant financial outlay, so you may feel there is peace of mind to be had by insuring it. Your memorial mason will be able to advise you on reputable insurers who offer insurance specifically for gravestones and memorials in public burial grounds.

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Children’s Memorial Basingstoke

Many families wish to mark the final resting place or passing of a child with a memorial. These can take many forms, and there are a lot of options available which are specifically designed to commemorate the life of a child. Some different kinds of children’s memorials could be a traditional stone memorial, a plaque marking where ashes have been laid, a memorial bench or even a more personal sculpture or piece of art. Whatever children’s memorial is chosen, it will represent a lasting symbol of remembrance and a tribute to their life. This means it’s very important to take your time in choosing both the children’s memorial you want and the firm you wish to produce it, to ensure that the finished result is what you have envisaged and wanted. A very important fact to remember when thinking about a children’s memorial is that there is no time limit when making your choice. It can be easy to rush into a hasty decision about a children’s memorial when you are experiencing great distress and confusion, but there is no deadline by which you have to make your choices. This means you can take time to discuss your ideas with family and friends, and think about what you want the permanent memorial to your child to look like and say. The internet is a great place to carry out initial research and look at some of the options available for children’s memorials, but when you feel ready to begin making decisions, the personal touch of a monumental mason will really help you turn your ideas into reality.

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Bespoke Memorial Basingstoke

Memorial stones are traditionally found in cemeteries, churchyards and other designated burial grounds. However, in some circumstances, it may be possible to have a bespoke memorial to a loved one that is sited somewhere completely different. This could be in their favourite beauty spot, a place that had special meaning for that person, or somewhere with a wonderful view. Sites such as this can be a wonderful place to go to remember a family member or other loved one, and if you are able to obtain permission to erect a bespoke memorial there, they can become a comforting place for you and your family. Whatever the circumstances, a bespoke memorial outside of a cemetery or church yard will often offer a greater degree of individuality. This is because you won’t need to ensure that the bespoke memorial conforms to the rules set out by a cemetery or church yard, so you will have more freedom over the shape, design and materials used. You may wish to choose a more artistic, minimalistic or naturalistic design, and there are plenty of expert stone masons who can help you bring your vision to reality. Bespoke memorials can also take other forms than headstones or plaques. For example, your bespoke memorial could take the form of a stone bench, a fountain or some other kind of water feature. With so many options and ideas open to you, a bespoke memorial in a unique setting can be the perfect way to commemorate the life of someone you loved.

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Memorials Berkshire

When choosing a memorial for a family member or other loved one, there are many options to consider, including the design, material and finish of the memorial stone. For example, you will need to choose both the material and the lettering for the memorial. Some materials will suit certain types of lettering better. For example, gilded lettering looks best on polished granite. You will also want to think about the colour of the memorial, particularly if you want to enhance the effect of a special design. For example, an etching or image will look better on a darker colour of stone. However, these are not the only things you need to think about when considering memorials. There are other practical considerations you should take into account, including the following:

  • Regulations: churchyards and cemeteries all have certain rules which place restrictions on the type of material allowed and size of memorial. Be sure to check these rules before you commission your memorial.
  • Location: you should think about where your memorial will be placed. For example, if there is a lot of foliage nearby, you should choose a non-porous material to prevent the memorial being stained by sap or decaying leaves.
  • Maintenance: all memorials will need to be cleaned from time to time in order to maintain their appearance and avoid deterioration. A polished material is easier to keep clean and will stand up better to the elements over time.
Your memorial mason will guide you through all these decisions, helping to ensure the process of choosing a memorial is as straightforward as possible and that the finished result provides a fitting lasting tribute to your loved one.

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Headstone Berkshire

Choosing a headstone for a departed family member or a loved one is a very personal matter, and one to which you should give plenty of thought and discussion before you make any decisions. Headstones today are manufactured using a combination of both traditional skills and modern technology, meaning the choice of materials, styles and finishes is wider than ever. One issue you might want to consider when choosing a headstone is whether you would like it to contain space for a further inscription. This could be particularly relevant if both people in a couple have expressed a wish to be buried together, or for a ‘family’ headstone which commemorates the lives of several people and will need to be added to over time. If this is the case, be sure to explain this to your monumental mason when choosing a headstone, and they will be able to guide you through the suitable options that will allow further inscription later. If you choose a headstone that will allow you to arrange for additional inscriptions later in time, you will also need to think carefully about the size and appearance of the wording you want to appear on the headstone. Make sure that enough room will be left on the headstone for further inscription, and ask for advice about text fonts and sizes, so you can be sure that any additional inscriptions will be a fitting addition to the headstone.

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Gravestone Berkshire

When you walk through a church yard or cemetery, you will probably notice that there is a very wide variety of different types of gravestone, and that some of the gravestones are in a better condition than others. While all gravestones are planned and designed to be a permanent memorial to a departed loved one, some materials will last the years in a better condition than others, and this is something you should bear in mind when choosing a gravestone to commemorate someone’s life. For example, some people prefer to use a stone that is local to their area, such as sandstone. This however, will weather over the years, as it is a fairly soft stone. This will mean that over time the detail of carvings and lettering may wear down, making any inscriptions more difficult to read. Marble is another popular material for gravestones that is easy to carve, so is suitable for more intricate designs, but will show signs of wear and tear over time. Of course this won’t happen quickly – it is likely to be many decades before any significant wear and tear to the gravestone occurs. However, it is something that you may want to bear in mind when choosing a material for a gravestone. One of the most durable and hard-wearing materials for gravestones is granite. This is a very hard stone and can be polished to a long-lasting shiny finish, meaning that the gravestone really will stand the test of time and endure changing weather conditions with very minimal damage.

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Children’s Memorial Berkshire

It can be extremely hard to choose a memorial for a child. Nevertheless, having a beautiful and fitting children’s memorial can be an extremely helpful way for a family to remember and commemorate a child. In addition to having a personalised shape for a children’s memorial, such as a teddy bear, heart or even a cartoon character, a very important aspect of a children’s memorial is the inscription that it will bear. The inscription on a children’s memorial will honour the memory of a child and help bring peace to the family. When composing an inscription for a children’s memorial, you may wish to think about religious quotes or verses, poems, children’s books and even nursery rhymes to give you ideas for the most fitting words to say. Hopefully you will be able to find a quote, verse or poem that captures the essence of the child’s life, and will give you comfort in the years ahead. This is commonly known as an epitaph and you will them on many memorials, including children’s memorials. Making decisions about any aspect of a children’s memorial is always going to be very difficult. However, a good monumental mason will be sensitive to these difficulties, and will guide you through the process in a gentle and sympathetic way, helping you to ensure that the finished children’s memorial is the perfect commemoration of a young life.

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Bespoke Memorial Berkshire

Once you have chosen what kind of bespoke memorial you would like to commemorate the life of a family member or loved ones, there are numerous ways in which you can personalise it to make it truly unique. These are just some of the choice you can make to can create a bespoke memorial which truly celebrates the life of the departed:

  • Materials: bespoke memorials can be made from a range of different types of stone, from the widely used and hard-wearing granite, to softer, more natural-looking stones such as marble or York Stone.
  • Shape and size: there are many standard shapes of headstone available for bespoke memorials, and these include more modern options such as a heart shape or open book. If you have a shape in mind which isn’t widely available, speak to your monumental mason, as they may be able to help you design it, giving you a truly bespoke memorial.
  • Colours: many stones come in a range of different colours, ranging from lighter shades to darker colours. Think about what colour of stone would be most suitable for your bespoke memorial, bearing in mind other aspects of the design such as the text and any images.
  • Finish: there is a wide variety of choice of finish available for your bespoke memorial, ranging from a highly polished finish, to a honed finish, which is could be compared to an egg shell because it is smooth but not reflective.
  • Lettering styles: there are many different options of letting styles and fonts to choose from for your bespoke memorial. It’s a good idea to get advice from your monumental mason about which style would look the best on your chosen shape, colour and finish.
  • Images or designs: if you want to pay a unique tribute to someone, you could choose to have an image or design etched onto their bespoke memorial. Memorial artists can work from an image you provide, meaning the bespoke memorial will be truly unique.

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