Headstone Berkshire

Headstone Berkshire

Choosing a headstone for a departed family member or a loved one is a very personal matter, and one to which you should give plenty of thought and discussion before you make any decisions. Headstones today are manufactured using a combination of both traditional skills and modern technology, meaning the choice of materials, styles and finishes is wider than ever.

One issue you might want to consider when choosing a headstone is whether you would like it to contain space for a further inscription. This could be particularly relevant if both people in a couple have expressed a wish to be buried together, or for a ‘family’ headstone which commemorates the lives of several people and will need to be added to over time. If this is the case, be sure to explain this to your monumental mason when choosing a headstone, and they will be able to guide you through the suitable options that will allow further inscription later.

If you choose a headstone that will allow you to arrange for additional inscriptions later in time, you will also need to think carefully about the size and appearance of the wording you want to appear on the headstone. Make sure that enough room will be left on the headstone for further inscription, and ask for advice about text fonts and sizes, so you can be sure that any additional inscriptions will be a fitting addition to the headstone.

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