There are many different things to consider when choosing a headstone, but the inscription is perhaps the most important part. This is your personal tribute to a loved one which will tell future generations about the person the headstone lovingly commemorates. Therefore it’s vital that you choose the words carefully and with a great deal of thought. Normally, the name of the person will be inscribed on the headstone in the largest letters, with the dates of their life below in a smaller but proportionate size. The rest of the text for the headstone is probably the most difficult to choose, as you will want it to sum up the character, interests, hobbies or work of the person you are remembering. Careful thought about this aspect of the headstone text is very important, and you may wish to discuss this with relatives and friends to gain a wider picture of how your loved one will be remembered by those closest to them. Some people choose a verse of scripture or a motto, while others prefer a short description the person, perhaps describing their personal qualities or family roles. The inscription you choose for the headstone will complete the memorial, and you can ensure its appearance is as attractive as possible by taking advice from your monumental mason on the best style of lettering and finish. This will ensure the appearance of the inscription blends well with the shape, style and material of the headstone.
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