Bespoke Memorial Basingstoke

Bespoke Memorial Basingstoke

Memorial stones are traditionally found in cemeteries, churchyards and other designated burial grounds. However, in some circumstances, it may be possible to have a bespoke memorial to a loved one that is sited somewhere completely different. This could be in their favourite beauty spot, a place that had special meaning for that person, or somewhere with a wonderful view. Sites such as this can be a wonderful place to go to remember a family member or other loved one, and if you are able to obtain permission to erect a bespoke memorial there, they can become a comforting place for you and your family.

Whatever the circumstances, a bespoke memorial outside of a cemetery or church yard will often offer a greater degree of individuality. This is because you won’t need to ensure that the bespoke memorial conforms to the rules set out by a cemetery or church yard, so you will have more freedom over the shape, design and materials used. You may wish to choose a more artistic, minimalistic or naturalistic design, and there are plenty of expert stone masons who can help you bring your vision to reality.

Bespoke memorials can also take other forms than headstones or plaques. For example, your bespoke memorial could take the form of a stone bench, a fountain or some other kind of water feature. With so many options and ideas open to you, a bespoke memorial in a unique setting can be the perfect way to commemorate the life of someone you loved.

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