Bespoke Memorial Berkshire

Bespoke Memorial Berkshire

Once you have chosen what kind of bespoke memorial you would like to commemorate the life of a family member or loved ones, there are numerous ways in which you can personalise it to make it truly unique. These are just some of the choice you can make to can create a bespoke memorial which truly celebrates the life of the departed:

  • Materials: bespoke memorials can be made from a range of different types of stone, from the widely used and hard-wearing granite, to softer, more natural-looking stones such as marble or York Stone.
  • Shape and size: there are many standard shapes of headstone available for bespoke memorials, and these include more modern options such as a heart shape or open book. If you have a shape in mind which isn’t widely available, speak to your monumental mason, as they may be able to help you design it, giving you a truly bespoke memorial.
  • Colours: many stones come in a range of different colours, ranging from lighter shades to darker colours. Think about what colour of stone would be most suitable for your bespoke memorial, bearing in mind other aspects of the design such as the text and any images.
  • Finish: there is a wide variety of choice of finish available for your bespoke memorial, ranging from a highly polished finish, to a honed finish, which is could be compared to an egg shell because it is smooth but not reflective.
  • Lettering styles: there are many different options of letting styles and fonts to choose from for your bespoke memorial. It’s a good idea to get advice from your monumental mason about which style would look the best on your chosen shape, colour and finish.
  • Images or designs: if you want to pay a unique tribute to someone, you could choose to have an image or design etched onto their bespoke memorial. Memorial artists can work from an image you provide, meaning the bespoke memorial will be truly unique.

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