Many families wish to mark the final resting place or passing of a child with a memorial. These can take many forms, and there are a lot of options available which are specifically designed to commemorate the life of a child. Some different kinds of children’s memorials could be a traditional stone memorial, a plaque marking where ashes have been laid, a memorial bench or even a more personal sculpture or piece of art. Whatever children’s memorial is chosen, it will represent a lasting symbol of remembrance and a tribute to their life. This means it’s very important to take your time in choosing both the children’s memorial you want and the firm you wish to produce it, to ensure that the finished result is what you have envisaged and wanted. A very important fact to remember when thinking about a children’s memorial is that there is no time limit when making your choice. It can be easy to rush into a hasty decision about a children’s memorial when you are experiencing great distress and confusion, but there is no deadline by which you have to make your choices. This means you can take time to discuss your ideas with family and friends, and think about what you want the permanent memorial to your child to look like and say. The internet is a great place to carry out initial research and look at some of the options available for children’s memorials, but when you feel ready to begin making decisions, the personal touch of a monumental mason will really help you turn your ideas into reality.
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