A very popular way of remembering departed family members is through a headstone, which can provide a perfect reminder of your loved one. There are so many different options available for the colours, styles and finishes of headstones, meaning you can have total choice over almost every aspect of your headstone, bearing in mind any rules or restrictions that may apply for the cemetery or churchyard where your headstone will be located. Your monumental mason should be able to guide you in the selection of a headstone that will be suitable for the cemetery or churchyard concerned. Headstones can be produced in a wide range of materials, from marble, to granite, to other natural stone. Bearing in mind the location of your headstone, it is a good idea to choose a material that will blend well with the surroundings. Headstones can also come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the traditional to more modern designs, such as hearts, open books and many more. This range of options should mean you are able to choose a headstone that commemorates your loved one perfectly. Another option you may wish to consider when choosing a headstone is the inclusion of additional features, such as photo plaques to display a picture of your loved one, or a vase that you can fill wish fresh flowers whenever you visit the headstone. Choosing features such as these can be very comforting to family and friends of a departed loved one, as visiting their headstone becomes a much more personal experience.
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