Gravestone Basingstoke

Gravestone Basingstoke

Gravestones are an instantly recognisable feature of many churchyards, cemeteries and other burial grounds. However, what many people don’t know, is that the upkeep and maintenance of gravestones themselves is the responsibility of the person who commissioned them, and not the burial authorities themselves.

That’s why, whenever you choose and commission a gravestone for a loved one, you need to consider how it will be maintained over time. This could have a bearing on the material you choose for the gravestone, as certain types of stone will stand up to the weather, and therefore be longer-lasting, than others. You should also plan to check the gravestone regularly. If it isn’t practical for you to do this yourself, you could ask a friend or relative nearby to check on the gravestone from time to time.

Another option you may wish to consider for any gravestone you commission is memorial insurance. This can cover your memorial against damage caused by vehicles, motor mowers, falling tree branches, vandalism and ground subsidence. However, it will not normally cover normal wear and tear caused to the gravestone by the weather. As you will already know, a gravestone can represent significant financial outlay, so you may feel there is peace of mind to be had by insuring it. Your memorial mason will be able to advise you on reputable insurers who offer insurance specifically for gravestones and memorials in public burial grounds.

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