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If your memorial is in need of a renovation then look no further. We offer a full range of services big or small.

Addtional Inscriptions and Re-lettering in any style or colour

Re-fixing,Re-levelling & Repairs, Full cleaning & Sucure Fixing.
Before: This is a typical Nabrisina Memorial 15 years old.
After: Memorial has been fully cleaned, re-lettered and re-levelled.
Before:This is a 40 year old Marble full memorial & Book set with vases with concrete bed & chippings
After:Memorial has been cleaned in full, Book re-faced and re-lettered along with new bed and chippings.
Before: Full Memorial in Red Balmoral Granite.
After: Memorial has been Cleaned, Re-levelled and inscription Re-gilded with 23.5 carrot gold leaf.


Example of complete renovation to double full grave memorial. Remember no job is to big or to small.

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