A gravestone is a lasting tribute to your loved one. Because of this permanence, it’s vital that you make the right choice of materials, style and finish when choosing a gravestone. One very important aspect of any gravestone is the wording, inscription or epitaph that appears on it. The choice of wording on a gravestone is extremely important, as it is extremely personal to you and your loved one. Gravestone wording will usually include the name of the deceased, the dates their life began and ended, and often a reference to their role in their family, such as husband, father and so on. Many families also choose to include an inscription or epitaph on their loved one’s gravestone. This can take many forms, such as a verse from scripture, a short motto, or another meaningful quote that reflects the life and work of your loved one. Your monumental mason will be able to advise you on the best font to match the overall design of your gravestone. As well as choosing the wording for a gravestone, you may also want to consider including a design, emblem or picture on the memorial. Craftsmen can etch almost any image onto your chosen gravestone, even creating a personalised etching from a photograph. This can add another uniquely personal element to your loved one’s gravestone, such as an animal they were fond of, their favourite sport or any other image that you remember when you think of them.
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