Cremation & Vases

EC240 Dense Black Granite

A small cremation bookset featuring a side vase.

BASE2" x 23" x 9"

Book12" x 16" x 2"

Vase4" x 6" x 6"

EC241 Coral Green Granite

A memorial designed for a cremation plot.

HS12" x 21" x 2"

BASE2" x 23" x 9"

EC242 Dense Black Granite

This simple and effective cremation memorial features one of a range of ornaments that can be added.

HS12" x 16" x 2"

BASE2" x 23" x 9"

Vase4" x 6" x 6"

EC243 Dark Grey Granite

BASE2" x 23" x 9"

Heart12" x 12" x 2"

Vase4" x 6" x 6"

EC244 Ruby Red Granite

This cremation memorial features and oval top.

HS12" x 21" x 2"

BASE2" x 23" x 9"

EC245 Dense Black Granite

A cremation tablet with simple corner rose.

Tablet18" x 12" x 2"

EC253 Black Polished Granite

Popular Black granite Desk Tablet with optional Vase.

Tablet18" x 18" x 4"-2"

EC247 Lunar Grey Granite

Delicate book and flower ornament.

Tablet18" x 15" x 2"

EC248 Lunar Grey Granite

The rest for the tablet also acts as a vase for flowers.

BASE2" x 20" x 15"

Tablet12" x 18" x 2"

Vase rest10" x 9/6" x 6"

EC249 Dark Grey Granite

The Headstone sits behind this desk.

HS12" x 12" x 2"

Desk10" x 12" x 3/1.5"

EC250 Dense Black Granite

A Vase sitting on the flat of the desk gives two inscription areas.

Vase8" x 14" x 6"

Desk18" x 15" x 4/2"

EC251 Dense Black Granite

A mock scroll cremation memorial.

Desk18" x 15" x 4/2"

EC252 Dense Black Granite

A desk with an elegant moulded edge.

Desk18" x 18" x 4/2"

EC253 Dense Black Granite

A cremation desk featuring a rose ornament.

Desk18" x 18" x 4/2"

EC254 Glenaby Granite

A book sandblasted and highlighted on the face.

Desk18" x 18" x 4/2"

EC255 Dense Black Granite

This cremation memorial has a carved cord and tassel, the top flat band is bored for a flower container.

Desk18" x 18" x 5"/3"

EC256 Tropical Green Granite

A worked book on the face of this cremation sized memorial.

Desk15" x 18" x 4"/2"

EC257 Dense Black Granite

A cremation desk featuring a butterfly blasted an painted ornament, you may wish to substitute your own choice.

Desk18" x 18" x 4/2"

EC258 Rose White Tablet

A rounded cremation tablet with carved lily.

Desk18" x 24" x 5"

EC259 Bahama Blue Granite

A rounded cremation tablet with carved rose. 50 letters free of charge along with supplying, fitting and VAT included.

Tablet18" x 24" x 5"

EC260 Paradiso

With carved and highlighted lily.

Desk24" x 18" x 5"

EC261 Midnight Blue Granite

Pebble with carved and highlighted roses.

Desk18" x 15" x 4"

EC262 Dark Grey Granite

Featuring a relief hand carved and highlighted lily.

Book15" x 24" x 3"

EC263 Black Granite

Scroll shaped tablet with a carved and highlighted rose.

Desk18" x 18" x 5"

EC270 Dense Black Granite

A heart shaped

Vase9 x 9 x 9"

EC271 Lunar Grey Granite

A vase with check around the top.

BASE8" x 8" x 2"

Vase7" x 7" x 7"

EC272 Dense Black Granite

Rather than the simple square vase,this has the top corners chamfered and a check cut around the top.

BASE10" x 10" x 1"

Vase8" x 8" x 8"

EC273 Ruby Red Granite

Vase7" x 7" x 7"

EC274 Dense Black Granite

12″ x 8″ Diameter Turned vase.

EC275 Dense Black Granite

This flower vase has been worked into the shape of a heart.

BASE1 x 12 x 9"

EC276 Dense Black Granite

10″ x 8″ diameter Turned vase.

EC277 Tropical Green Granite

4″ x 6″ x 6″ Small vase.

EC278 Dense Black Granite

12″ x 6″ x 6″ A double vase with a photographic etched portrait, your own photo can be accurately reproduced.

EC279 Marble

8″ x 10″ x 8″ A vase with carved daffodil.

BASE10" x 12" x 1"

EC280 Sesame Grey

10″ x 12″ Diameter Bowl vase.

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